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Are you a gaming freak and are obsessed with anime and cosplays? Are you also struggling like million others to find someone as crazy and enthusiastic as you are? Is YouTube your chilling corner after a tiresome day? The answer to all these questions is ‘SSSniperWolf’. SSSniperWolf is an American YouTube channel that is all about gaming and cosplays. Rocking YouTube with over 18.7 million subscribers, SSSniperWolf is the rising sensation and the name on everyone’s mind and browser. The channel is not only about video games and cosplays, but we also get sneak peeks into the life of this sensational English-American YouTube star. In this article, we will take a dive into the lifestyle and the YouTube journey of the world famous YouTube Queen SSSniperWolf. Here’s everything you need to know about SSSniperWolf.


SSSniperWolf is a YouTube channel about video games and cosplays that we all know. But who actually is SSSniperWolf?

To begin with, SSSniperWolf or Sniper Wolf is the pseudonym of the very beautiful English-American sensation, Alia Marie Shelesh, also known as ‘Lia’. Lia was born in Liverpool, England in 1992, but at the age of 6, she and her family moved to the United States and ever since then she has resided in Phoenix, Arizona. She has 4 siblings and is the eldest among them. Her unique and attractive features are proof of her Greek, Turkish and Iraqi descent.

SSSniperWolf started her gaming journey when she was just 6 years old. Her own claim in one of her videos is that she was a very ‘Weird Girl from the beginning, since she had different areas of interest, and wanted to show the world that girls can play video games too. Fortuitously, she achieved her dream and her YouTube channel is a living proof of that; breaking the stereotype of girls and video games. Due to her obsession with video games, which was very unlikely for little girls of her age, her father got a PlayStation1 exclusively for her. The first game which she instantly latched onto and still admires is Metal Gear Solid. Not only was it Lia’s first game, which she got pretty serious at about 7 years old, it also is a stepping stone for her in the YouTube industry. Today, Lia is famous for recording videos, playing the very famous chic video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Lia is also one of the top social media influencers and has collaborated with many companies and organizations for branding purposes. Some of those are EA, Ubisoft and Disney. Due to her enormous fan base, Lia has an influence score of 72. She also received an award from Kids Choice Awards for ‘Gamer of the Year’ in 2019. Lia’s net worth sums up to be $3 million YouTube being the main source of her income.


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Lia started her YouTube journey in 2013 and is one of the top female gamers in YouTube’s history and has a massive fan following of 18.7 million subscribers. Lia has made more than 2.3k videos about gaming and creating reaction videos and on average 5.3 billion views on her videos. She also amuses her large audience by posting videos in which she does cosplay. Today Lia’s channel is not only centered around video games and reaction videos but due to the high demand of her audience, she also shares a lot about her personal lifestyle and engages in certain trending YouTube challenges as well. According to the stats of SocialBook, her videos are 82.3% about gaming, 8.22% about lifestyle and 7.33% about entertainment including fun challenges etc. Apart from having an obsession with video games, Lia is also fanatical about creating arts and crafts, DIY, baking and makeup. For all her other side hobbies and fascinations, she has a separate YouTube channel which she created in 2014, called ‘LittleLiaWolf’ which has around 2.21 million subscribers and 94 videos posted.

SSSniperWolf has occupied every gamer’s heart and that is the reason why she has also been crowned with the title of ‘The Queen of YouTube’. Lia is one of the top influencers and thus has a high demand in the circle of brands as well. According to SocialBook, her cost per 1000 views is about $15-$17.


It's no secret that SSSniperWolf rules YouTube and every video of hers, anticipated most by her fans, turns out to be a major hit. With over 5.4 billion views on her videos altogether and with an average figure of 3.8 million views on her each video, we have compiled a list of her top 5 most notorious videos:

  1. Touch My Body Challenge:

SSSniperWolf got the most requests on her channel from her fans urging her to do the most viral trendy ‘Touch My Body Challenge’. In this challenge, one person is blindfolded and he/she has to guess the body part of the other person wherever he/she directs the blindfolded one. Lia performed this challenge with her then boyfriend Evan Sausage who is also a fellow YouTuber. The two performed this hilarious challenge and earned a total of 88 million views and 26k comments on this entertaining video.

2. Cheapest Moms Ever:

One of her most viewed videos on her channel is the ‘Cheapest Moms Ever’ series where SSSniperWolf creates reaction videos about weird frugal moms. Her comical jokes and sarcasm is the reason why this video has earned a total of 19 million views and 54.6k comments.

3. Recreating My Favorite Tik Toks:

In this video, SSSniperWolf surfs the most trendy app, Tik Tok, and picks out her favorite ones and recreates them. The reason why this video has bagged more than 16 million views and 33k comments is that SSSniperWolf recreated all the Tik Toks in a funny French man tone. Her then boyfriend Evans Sausage also participated in one of the Tik Toks.

4. Try Not To Say WOW Challenge:

In this video, SSSniperWolf conducts the very famous and trendy challenge where she watches satisfying and mesmerizing videos but tries not to say wow. The video is also kind of funny from the fact that she gave herself a tiny health bar monitor to herself. The video has more than 17 million views and 60k comments.

5. Cheapest Family Ever:

SSSniperWolf does a ‘cheap series’ in which she features cheap men, women, mothers etc. In this reaction video, she records her reaction while reviewing a very thrifty family. The video has more than 14 million views and 39K comments.


SSSniperWolf has been hooked to gaming since she was 6 and her love of  video games can be seen all over her YouTube channel. She has made videos of herself playing every chic video game that has been released, some of them being Fortnite, Minecraft and Call of Duty. But her top 3 hands down most adored video games are the following:

  1. Metal Gear Solid:
Image result for sssniperwolf metal gear solid

Metal Gear Solid definitely tops the list in SSSniperWolf most favorite video games as she started playing this game when she was 7 and has never left the battlefield since then. This game is basically a third person shooter survival video game in which you have to complete the mission without being caught or shot. Her most  liked character from the video game is ‘Quiet’ and she has also cosplayed about it.

2. Call Of Duty:

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The storyline behind SSSniperWolf success owes to her videos about the most energetic and thrilling video game ‘Call of Duty’. She has multiple videos on this game all over her channel. This video game is also a  shooting video game in which the player is a soldier and has to kill the enemy whilst saving his/her own comrades. She also did a cosplay about a character of this game ‘Misty from Call of Duty: Black Ops’

3. Fortnite:

Image result for sssniperwolf fronite

Fortnite is the second on her list since she often shares in her videos how she sends her entire nights being hooked to this game. This game is about a shooting battlefield in which the player has to survive no matter what. She has recorded multiple videos of this game and also made a collaboration with Marshmello in one of the videos. She has also done cosplays of the costumes in this game.


SSSniperWolf is not only famous for her electrifying videos about games but is also admired worldwide for her amazing ability to recreate the looks of her favorite game characters. SSSniperWolf loves to cosplay and her fans love to see her in different and exhibitionist getups. SSSniperWolf records the entire cosplay look she adopts astounding her fans with her stunning looks. Below are some of her most bewildering cosplays:

  1. Tamamo Vitch from Fate:
Image result for sssniperwolf tamamo vith

Tamamo Vitch is the antagonist character of the notable online role playing mobile game ‘Fate/ Grand Order’. The game is about roleplaying of a Master and Servants. Player acts as a master and commands the servants to go to the battlefield. As it can be seen in the image, SSSniperWolf brilliantly pulled off this cosplay look. This look was created by Lia on 12th January, 2020.

2. 2b from Nier:

Image result for sssniperwolf 2b nier

2b is the protagonist character of the video game ‘Nier’. Nier is a role playing action video game in which the player acts as the protagonist and has to complete a journey to find a cure of an illness while simultaneously battling the challenges that arise on the way. SSSniperWolf adopted this look for Halloween in 2019 and shocked her fans by covering all the details.

3. Sirene from Devilman Crybaby:

Image result for sssniperwolf sirene

Sirene is the name of one of the demons from the anime ‘Devilman Crybaby’. This anime is about the invasion of demons on earth to take control over it. Sirene is one of the demons known for her pride, beauty and bloodlust. SSSniperWolf recreated her look in November 2018, baffling her wide fan base.

4. Fortnite Halloween Costume:

Image result for sssniperwolf fortnite haloween

Fortnite is likeable all over the world over the fact that it offers the player to make customization to the character informed of costumes etc. These customizations are referred to as ‘Fortnite skins’. When Fortnite introduced a new series of skins on Halloween, SSSniperWolf was inspired by one of the costumes and recreated that look for her Halloween 2018.

5. Jasmine from Aladdin:

Image result for sssniperwolf jasmine

SSSniperWolf usually cosplays about game or anime characters but in October 2018, one of the costumes that she adopted for Halloween was Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. It was her first time recreating a Disney princess look and got lots of love and admirations from her massive fan following.

6. Sun Strider from Fortnite:

Image result for sssniperwolf sun strider

One of the Fortnite skins or costumes is ‘Sun Strider’. The costume is a vibrant mix of red and blue with a popping unicorn on the back. SSSniperWolf recreated this look from her favorite video game Fortnite and her commendable efforts in pulling this costume off were appreciated all over the world from her fans.

7. Triple Threat from Fortnite:

Image result for sssniperwolf triple thred

SSSniperWolf sure is obsessed with the Fortnite skins. In June 2018, perfect for the summer heat, she recreated the Triple Threat costume from Fortnite and amused her fans.

8. Teknique from Fortnite:

Image result for sssniperwolf teknique

The more Fortnite skins /costumes, the more cosplays we get from SSSniperWolf. She recreated yet another look from her fav game Fortnite, cosplaying the Teknique look back in May 2018.

9. Power Chord from Fortnite:

In April 2018, SSSniperWolf confessed that among the many Fortnite skins, her favorite one was Power Chord. She expressed her love for the costume by recreating the look and fascinating her fans.

10. Black Cat Dva from Overwatch:

Image result for sssniperwolf black cat dva

Overwatch is one of the favorite arcade games of SSSniperWolf. Her love for her most adored character from the game, Black cat Dva, can be seen from the fact that she cosplayed the character in February 2018.

11. Widowmaker from Overwatch:

Image result for sssniperwolf widowmaker

SSSniperWolf cosplayed another character from her favorite arcade game Overwatch, the Widowmaker. SSSniperWolf adopted this look for the 2017 Blizzcon.

12. Widowmaker Talon from Overwatch:

Image result for sssniperwolf widowmaker talon

Widowmaker talon skin is another character from the arcade game Overwatch. SSSniperWolf knocked off this look in May 2017, gathering a whole of new followers.

13. Hinata from Naruto:

Image result for sssniperwolf hinata

The world famous most watched anime series Naruto surely has taken over the hearts of millions of anime freaks all over the world. In order to express her love for the series, SSSniperWolf dressed up as Hinata from Naruto, making it impossible for her fans to not appreciate.

14. Spirit Wolf from DragonSoul:

Image result for sssniperwolf spiritwolf

DragonSoul is one of the video games SSSniperWolf is branded for. She pulled off this promotional campaign by dressing up as her favorite character Spirit Wolf from DragonSoul.

15. Tracer from Overwatch:

Image result for sssniperwolf tracer

Fanatical about the arcade game Overwatch, SSSniperWolf yet adopted another character’s look from the game, Tracer. She pulled off this amazing look in 2016 and amused all her fans.

16. Harley Quinn:

Image result for sssniperwolf haley quinn

Following he trend after the release of the blockbuster ‘Suicide Squad’, everyone got fanatical over the character of the villain Harley Quinn. SSSniperWolf, due to the high demand of her fans, also adopted this look.


SSSniperWolf is undoubtedly taking over the social media and becoming the hot topic on the tables of brands and organizations. She has set quite a mark in the influencer market by securing more than 18 million subscribers. due to her massive fan following, brands and organizations consider her as a beacon for luring the target audience required for that brand or organization. Gaining herself a big influence score of 72, SSSniperWolf no doubt has developed herself as a must have for the brands and organizations. Her top 10 famous collaborations are following:

  1. Samsung Mobiles:
Image result for sssniperwolf samung mobile

In September 2018, Lia tweeted and also uploaded a video that when she was called for a photoshoot by the famous smartphone company Samsung Mobiles, the company surprised her by giving her a box of supplies from Fortnite.

2. Too Faced Cosmetics:

Image result for sssniperwolf toofaced inst post

Too Faced is a cosmetic brand that collaborated with Lia for the promotion of their newly launched lip gloss. Lia’s massive fan following instantly engaged themselves on this post giving Too Faced a huge coverage of the audience.

3. Uber Eats:

Uber Eats is an American food ordering and delivery service launched by Uber in 2014. In order for a shoutout to their target audience, they chose SSSniperWolf for promotion.

4. Spoiled Laser:

Image result for sssniperwolf spoiled laser ppost

Spoiled Laser is a laser hair removing company in Las Vegas. SSSniperWolf collaborated with this company and posted on her Instagram about how effective their treatment was.

5. Playtex Sports:

Image result for sssniperwolf playtex post

Playtex is a certified American brand famous for manufacturing products and garments for sportswomen. In June 2019, Playtex collaborated with SSSniperWolf for the promotion of their Sportswomen tampons.

6. Diff EyeWear:

Image result for sssniperwolf diif eye wear post

Diff EyeWear is a charitable eyeglass company which aims to design medicated glasses and pledges to donate their earnings to people deprived with eyesight. In February 2019, the company collaborated with SSSniperWolf and got massive attention from a large audience.

7. McDelivery:

Image result for sssniperwolf mcdelivery

McDonalds collaborated with Uber Eats and launched McDelivery. In order to gain massive and instant attention, the world famous brand decided to opt for SSSniperWolf for getting exposure.

8. PubG Mobile:

Image result for sssniperwolf pubg music video

The top sensation video game of 2018, PubG, decided to collaborate with the gaming star SSSniperWolf for the launch of their music video. The video received over a million hits.

9. Goat:

Image result for sssniperwolf goat shoes

Goat is an online store which deals with the purchasing of authentic sneakers. The company often collaborates with the YouTube Queen SSSniperWolf in the form of giveaways.

10. Tik Tok:

Image result for sssniperwolf tik tok post

The world famous chic musical app, Tik Tok, collaborated with many artists and youtubers, SSSniperWolf being one of them, for the promotion of the app.


Like every other average American adult, Lia aka SSSniperWolf also goes through certain typical ongoing events every adult has to experience. College, Moving homes, Boyfriends are some of the issues on the minds of every American adult. Here are the top facts you never knew about your favorite YouTube star SSSniperWolf.

  1. SSSniperWolf never graduated:

The world famous sensational YouTube star is brutally honest about herself to her fans, the reason why her fans love her. In one of her videos, she openly shared her story about why she never graduated. Lia shares that after passing High School, she attended community college for some period of time but was greatly disappointed at the overall atmosphere. So she decided to get a degree in pharmacy, where she couldn’t settle much due to her dislike for chemistry. Afterwards, she decided to pursue a career in nursing but that also didn’t fit her right so she decided to take a break from Academia altogether. She often thinks about getting a degree in Game Designing.

  1. Lia’s Boyfriend:
Image result for sssniperwolf bf

Lia fell in digital love with a fellow youtuber who messaged her, Evans Sausage. The two instantly entwined in a relationship. Their relation had some rough patches in the beginning but eventually the couple bought a house together. But unfortunately, the pair had some ups and downs and separated and rejoined a couple of times until officially in 2020, SSSniperWolf announced that they have split up for good but still live together as friends.

2. SSSniperWolf arrested:

Image result for sssniperwolf arrest

Lia, along with her then boyfriend Evans Sausage, has a small crime record. The couple got behind the bars twice. One time in 2013, the couple was reported for armed robbery and another time in 2016 when their neighbors reported the couple for screaming and making too much noise. Lia today laughs at these incidents and considers them fun challenges in life.

3. Says NO to Porn:

Some haters created a sort of confusion that SSSniperWolf is starring in porn. In one of her videos, Lia confessed that she doesn’t want to be anywhere near nudity and all the confusions and rumors are entirely false. She did confess that she got offers to do so but for the sake of her own comfort, she prefers not to.

4. Terrified of Doctors:

In one of her videos, SSSniperWolf claimed that she is so terrified of doctors that she hasn’t been to one in over 10 years. She reassured her  followers that she keeps herself extremely healthy and takes good care just out of fear so she never has to go to a doctor.

5. Love for pets:

Image result for sssniperwolf and pets

SSSniperWolf LOVES animals and openly expresses her love in videos. She has 3 pomeranian dogs as pets named Lumpy, Kaz and Ash.


With great power, comes great responsibility. Due to her mountainous fan following, SSSniperWolf has also raised some controversies through her videos. With every video getting up to 3.8 million views on average, SSSniperWolf has to be very vigilant while recording. She has to be very cautious for the fear that something doesn’t rise against her. Although she has been encountered with such debates, she confidently faces everything and continues to mystify her fans, setting an example of steadfastness and determinations.

  1. GCXBU Scandal:

In November 2013, SSSniperWolf took down 2 videos of GCXBU during his vocational trip to his family in Bahamas for thanksgiving. GCXBU is also a lowkey youtuber who recorded 2 videos with the titles ‘The truth of SSSniperWolf’ and ‘Exposing SSSniperWolf’. She confidently took both these videos down.

2. GirlGoneGamer Scandal:

In October 2015, SSSniperWolf got into a feud with a fellow American YouTube gamer ‘GirlGoneGamer’. SSSniperWolf claimed that GirlGoneGamer faked her footage in her Call of Duty videos. She also posted a YouTube video ‘Exposing GirlGoneGamer’. GirlGoneGamer however stayed quiet during this riot and lost a handful of her subscribers.

3. SSSniperWolf Sued:

In 2016, Lia faced another issue which was taken to court. Lia got sued by a fellow YouTuber gamer, Enigmahood. In one of her videos, Lia claimed that Enigmahood was a sex offender and for this claim, she and her then boyfriend Evans Sausage got sued. But in 2017, charges were dropped as no proof could be found against Lia’s statement.

4. Overwatch Scandal:

It's no secret that Lia is a big fan of Overwatch and her obsession with it can be seen through her Overwatch character's cosplays. But unfortunately,  many fellow gamers within the Overwatch community accuse SSSniperWolf for her lethal behavior during their matches.

5. False Top 500 Overwatch Claim:

In February 2017 Lia claimed in one of her videos that she was among the top 500 Overwatch players on her own. But unfortunately, a fellow gaming youtuber, Sylvibot, threw shade on her and suggested that Lia did not reach the top 500 on her own, but had assistance.

6. FaZe Censor Scandal:

In July 2017, Lia got into another controversy with a fellow youtuber FaZe Censor. He exposed Lia saying that she and her then boyfriend accused FaZe Censor for fake texting her. He retrieved the messages. But Lia threatened to sue him for his this act.

7. Good Mythical Morning Controversy:

In March 2018, it was announced that Lia would be appearing as a guest on Good Mythical Morning video but this announcement was followed by a lot of hatred and dislikes, leading to the cancellation of her appearance and bringing the announcing video down as well.

8. Nerd City Scandal:

In May 2018, a youtuber Nerd City, along with fellow youtubers MaxMoeFoe and Rusty Cage released a video in which they openly questioned Lia’s hypocrisy towards her statements regarding women loving their bodies whilst herself causing some photo alterations to her pictures.

9. Lia’s Award:

When Lia won an Award at Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards for the Gamer of the Year in 2019, many people were not in favor of this. They claimed that Lia was not a true gamer since most of her videos were reaction based and not centered on gaming. Lia shut them all up by showing off her award.

10. Lia’s Arrest:

Although some people judge Lia for being arrested twice, however she confidently talks about it and maintains her status by just calling it another challenge in her life.


The journey to 18.7 million subscribers wasn’t easy that is for sure. After joining the YouTube community in 2013, to being crowned as the ‘Queen of YouTube’, SSSniperWolf really delivered her passion for video games and cosplays to the fullest and set no boundary to entertain her audience. 18.7 million is surely a big figure and was not that easily achieved. Her subscriber milestones are given as following:

  1. January 2015:

She bagged herself her first 6 numbered subscribers by getting 1 million at the start of 2015.

2. December 2015:

Just in about 11 months, she gained another million followers to her kingdom.

3. June 2016:

In just a period of 6 months, she got herself 3 million subscribers. that was quick!

4. December 2016:

Again after 6 months, she had another million followers, amounting up to 4 million.

5. April 2017:

Another million subscribers bagged by this sensational youtuber.

6. July 2017:

In just 2 months she got herself another million followers amounting up her subscribers to be 6 million. That was quick!

7. December 2017:

3 millions followers gained in just one year! By the end of 2017, SSSniperWolf had 7 million subscribers.

8. July 2018:

Getting into 8 figures, SSSniperWolf earned herself 10 million subscribers in July 2018.

9. January 2019:

Another 4 million gained, making her subscribers burn the charts by a big number of 14 million.

10. January 2020:

Reaching 18 million subscribers and becoming the hottest chick flick gaming youtuber ever in history.

So that’s all that you need to know about the iconic SSSniperWolf. Tune into her channel on YouTube and her Instagram to see her hilarious videos and stunning images, never failing to disappoint her audience worldwide. Judging by the number of her followers, SSSniperWolf surely isn’t going to sit and relax but will continue to create more entreating and stunning content for her followers army.